When you have bot flows with multiple dialogs, you can clone existing dialogs to make minor changes in content and conditions. This is especially useful when you have an extensive bot flow, and building each dialog from scratch can be tedious and time-consuming.

With the Clone Dialog option, admins can improve productivity and reduce the go-live time.

A quick guide to cloning dialogs:

  1. Hover over the dialog that you would like to clone.
  2. You can see multiple options displayed; click on 'Clone' to clone the particular dialog.

  1. Dialog text will be selected by default; the admin can choose other entities of the dialog to clone along with the dialog text.

  1. Once the entities for the dialog are selected, the admin can choose the destination flow to clone the dialog. This dialog will be the latest dialog on the chosen destination flow.


  1. Once the flow is chosen the dialog is successfully cloned on the destination flow.


  • The clone option will be available only for Public and Private dialogs. Check out more on what public and private dialogs are here.
  • You cannot clone inactive dialogs.