To measure the performance of your ongoing campaign and track metrics like the number of times it was triggered, reply rates, and more, you can refer to campaign Statistics displayed in the Campaigns page.

  • Sent corresponds to the number of users to whom the campaign was sent based on your conditions

  • Seen corresponds to the number of users who have interacted (opened, read, and clicked) your message

  • Replied corresponds to the number of people who have responded to your message 

Alternatively, you can click a campaign name which will take you to the Campaign details page. Here you can see the campaign metrics, segment criteria and the message preview.

You can also track which campaigns get responses based on the source, medium, and channel the visitors come from by using UTM parameters, available as a part of the Freshsales Integration.

 Campaigns are only available as part of 'Acquisition and Engagement' add-on from Blossom plan and above.