What is Business Chat and why you should integrate

Business Chat will enable you to connect with customers directly from within Messages. By integrating your Freshchat account with Business Chat, you can interact with customers, respond to their questions, resolve issues and complete transactions from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch through iMessage. 

Business Chat capabilities

  • Send/Receive Message

Provide a rich user experience to the customer by sending an interactive message.

  • List Picker

Let the customer choose from a list of items by sending a list picker.

  • Time Picker

Let the customer schedule an appointment by sending a time picker.

  • Apple Pay Payment Request

Provide an easy and secure way for customers to buy goods and services through Business Chat using Apple Pay.

  • Message Attachments

Receive and send file attachments.

  • Authentication Message

          Pass authentication data between your business and the customer's device.

Plan and Pricing

Business Chat integration is available on Estate and Forest plans in Freshchat. 

How to setup a Business Chat account

To setup a Business Chat account, first you need to sign up at register.apple.com.

Go to Business chat accounts and add a new account.

Acknowledge the policies of Apple.

Configure the new Business Chat account.

Fill in the account applicant details.

Choose the Business Chat account type.

Internal Test account: (You can use this for internal testing)

Give a name to the account.

Assign a technical contact.

Select the Apple authorised commercial messaging platform as Freshchat.

If you're on EU cluster, add the following URL in the Advanced section,


And if you're on the AU cluster, use the following URL,


Click Next.

In the next screen, click Add Apple IDs and enter the Apple IDs of the user to whom the test link has to be sent. These users will receive a URL using which they can initiate messages and test.

Commercial account: (Customer facing)

To setup a commercial account, add the account owner (technical contact).

Select the number of locations your business is present in (offices) and add the location details (office address). 

Add your brand information.

Set the response hours.

Set up your brand identity by adding logo, choosing a header color, etc.

Add Freshchat as the Apple authorised commercial messaging platform.

These details will be submitted to Apple for review. Once you send your profile for review by clicking the “Send for review” button.

Once Apple has reviewed your account, Paste your Apple Business ID in your Freshchat account to start using it.

How to integrate Business Chat with Freshchat

Once your business chat account is approved by Apple, 

Click on your Business chat account name and Connect to Freshchat.

Click Connect. You will be redirected to your Freshchat account's Apple Business Chat integration page.

Enter your Business chat ID. 

You can find this in the URL in your Business chat account URL.

Paste it in your Freshchat account.

Give a name to your Message Channel for the Apple Business Chat conversations. Select the Group to which you want to assign the conversations and click Connect.

Important Note:

Once you do this, you won’t be able to edit the fields again in the Freshchat Business Chat integration page. So make sure you enter the correct details. 

If you entered the wrong values, contact Freshchat support.

What are the message types supported by Business Chat and how to use it in Freshchat

Apple Business Chat (ABC) specific messages can be sent from Freshchat using Smart Plugs with a message override option. ABC supports the following message types,

  • Send/Receive Message

  • List Picker

  • Time Picker

  • Apple Pay

  • Attachments

  • Authentication message

Here are some screenshots...

Send/Receive Message

Apple Pay

Rich links

You can add a Smart Plug by going to Settings > Smart Plugs > Add Smart Plugs.

To learn more about Smart Plugs, checkout this support article.

For Apple Business Chat Smart Plug scripts, ping us using the Freshchat messenger or write to us at support@freshchat.com