Integration on Salesforce account      

  • Login to your Freshchat account as an admin 

  • Go to Apps > Manage apps > Custom apps

  • Under this section, you will find Salesforce - Freshchat . Click the Install button next to it.

  • Once you’ve clicked install you will land on the configuration page

Salesforce CRM app Configuration

You will need to enter the following details:

  • Salesforce Org type - Enter your Salesforce Org type. It can only take two values- Log in or Test.

  • Salesforce Consumer Key - Enter the unique customer key from your account 

  • Salesforce Consumer Secret - Enter the Consumer Secret from your account.

Once you’ve entered your details, click on Install.

Defining Field Visibility and Field Mapping

Now that you’re done with the initial integration, it’s time you define how you want this integration to be set up. In this section, you’ll define a contact’s field visibility and mapping.

Field Visibility

You can choose the contact, lead, and account fields from your Salesforce CRM to be displayed in Freshchat . In a nutshell, choose the fields your agent needs to drive a conversation.

  • Contact Fields- Enter all the contact fields to be made visible required for contact. For example, contact information, company information, and account information.
  • Lead Fields- Enter the necessary fields for a lead. For example, industry, lead company, lead source, lead website link, etc.,
  • Account Fields- Enter the necessary fields for an account. For example, account name, account number, and annual revenue.

If you wish to add more fields, you can turn the toggle on for Opportunity Fields and Contract Fields.

  • Opportunity Fields- Enter the necessary information required for opportunities. For example, account ID, owner name, amount, and last activity status. You can link/unlink opportunities from this lead at any point.
  • Contract Fields- Enter the necessary information required for Contract Fields.

Click on Update once you’ve added all your information. Once that's done you’ll land on the Field Mapping page.

Field Mapping 

With Field Mapping, you can sync Salesforce contacts and company information with Freshchat . Apart from the default mapping, you can also map custom fields to sync values in particular Salesforce fields.  

  • Primary Source of Data- Choose either Freshchat or Salesforce as your primary source of data.

  • Sync Settings- Back up your existing contact information from Salesforce and choose when to sync upcoming customer data.

  • Field Mapping- Add your Salesforce and Freshchat customer information under Field Mapping. Make sure you map the right fields to each other.  For example, ‘Mobile phone’ in Freshchat can be mapped to ‘Business phone’ in your CRM.

Once, all the information is added. Click Update and all the required Salesforce information will be updated in your Freshchat account.

The Salesforce app has been successfully installed.

Agent Usage

Once you log into your Freshchat account as an agent/admin, click on Team Inbox. You will be able to view the Salesforce app on the User Information panel on the right.

Viewing Contact Information

If there are existing contacts, you will be above to view their account name, phone number, country, opportunity, etc.,

Creating a lead

      If you want to create a new lead in your Salesforce CRM account right from within Freshchat , click on Create new lead on the right-side panel. 

Add  all necessary lead fields such as name, phone number, email ID, etc., 

You can also add more information to a lead accordingly.

Once a lead is created, the information would be visible under the customer information section.

Viewing Account and Opportunity details

Click on Accounts, to view the account and the opportunity that has been created.

Creating a task

Create tasks for existing leads or contacts. Tasks provide to-do items that need to be completed by an agent to whom the task is assigned. 

 For creating a task, you will need to add the following details:

  • Add account ID 

  • Add a due date for the task i.e., when the task must be completed.

  • Add subject information and description for the task.

  • Set the priority for the task and mention the type of task 

Once all the information is added, click on Update. The task information will be visible on your Freshchat account once it’s updated.