What is IntelliAssign

With IntelliAssign you can avoid the hassle of cherry-picking conversations and manually assigning it to team members. You can automatically assign incoming messages to team members or groups (teams) by configuring their skill level and conversation limit.

How is IntelliAssign different from Assignment Rules

Assignment rules is a rule based assignment method and a message will be assigned to a team member or group if the specific conditions that you set (such as the message content, and/or user’s country) are met. 

IntelliAssign on the other hand follows a load balanced method and assigns messages based on the number of active conversations in a team member’s queue, which you can pre-define.

When new messages come in or existing chats are reopened, team members who are logged into Freshchat, and have marked themselves active on IntelliAssign, will be assigned conversations. Each team member can mark themselves active on IntelliAssign by clicking on their name in the top right corner of the screen and switching the ‘Set active on IntelliAssign’ toggle.

NoteAssignment Rules always take precedence over IntelliAssign if both are enabled at the same time.

How to setup IntelliAssign

Go to Settings > IntelliAssign > Switch the toggle to Enabled

Step 1: Team Member Settings

In team member settings, you can define idle time for team members, conversation time-out limit (when a conversation becomes inactive), reassignment condition, and the number of chats a team member can handle at a time. 

  • Idle time - If the agent is not active on the Freshchat tab for more than the number of minutes you define in Team Member Settings then they’ll be marked as idle.

  • An active conversation is the one pending reply from a team member or customer within a specified period of time. You can define this time limit against ‘Set a conversation as inactive if customer has not responded in’.

How does conversation reassignment work

When a conversation which has been closed (resolved) and moved to the resolved queue is reopened again, because customer sends a message after it has been marked as resolved, you can reassign it to the same team member who handled it in the past.

But there are a few conditions which have to be met for you to be able to reassign it to the same team member.

  • Reassign toggle should be enabled in under Team Member Settings.

  • Team members must have marked themselves active on IntelliAssign.

  • IntelliAssign must be enabled for a group; and the team member has to be part of that group.

  • The conversation is reassigned if it is reopened within the specified time period. This time is calculated based on the time the last message was sent in the conversation, and not based on the time at which the message was resolved or archived.

Auto Resolve

To improve your team’s productivity you can auto-resolve (close) conversations with customers who have stopped interacting. In IntelliAssign, you can configure auto-resolve to automatically resolve a conversation when it becomes inactive. 

NoteYou will be able to see this option in IntelliAssign only if you have enabled Auto Resolve under Settings.

Step 2: Define skill levels for team members

You can classify team members into different categories such as ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’, and ‘Expert’ and define the number of active conversations each of them can handle at a time. For example, you can have a higher active conversation limit for your pro support team while defining a lower limit for your newbies or interns. 

The conversation limit that you define here will override the overall ‘Active conversations per team member’ that you set under ‘Team Member Settings’.

Click Add Skill Level > Give a name > Add Team members > Define active conversation limit  > Save

You can also enable/disable a skill level anytime by switching the toggle on or off. Or edit/delete it.

Step 3: Group Settings

Apart from auto-assigning conversations to team members, you can also distribute chats to different teams (groups).

All the groups that you have created in Freshchat will be displayed here. All you have to do is move the toggle to enable IntelliAssign for a Group. 

Plus, if a team member goes inactive during a conversation, you can reassign it to other active members within the group. Select ‘Yes’ from the drop-down to enable this and the message will be reassigned to the member with the 

least number of current active conversations in the group. 


If all team members in a group are inactive at the same time, the active conversations will stay open until one of them become active again.