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Reply to users in their language with Live Translate

Freshdesk Messaging allows you to send replies to your users in their language in real-time. All you have to do is turn on Live Translate feature.

Freshdesk Messaging can auto-detect the language of your users from their browser settings.

Set up Live Translate

To turn on Live Translate in your Freshdesk Messaging account, you need a Google Translate API key. 

Here’s how you can get your Google Translate key.

Go to Admin > Live Translate

Move the toggle to Enabled. Add your Google Translate Key. 

If the validation is successful, you’ll get a tick mark against your Google Translate Key, if not, you’ll get a warning. You need to enter the right key again.

Live Translate in Action

Now let’s see how Live Translate works in real-time.

Once Live Translate is enabled, agents need to Turn on Translation to use it. They can do this by clicking on their image in the top right corner of the screen.

When a user sends a message in any language other than English, it will be auto-translated to English as shown in the image below.

Note: The first priority is given to the language you have configured in Freshdesk Messaging. If you have not set up any language, then your browser locale will be taken into consideration.


Agents can identify the language with the indicator in the left above the reply text box. 

Any reply the agent sends will be auto-translated to the user’s language. Agents can see the translated text by clicking 'Show Translated' under the text. 

If a agent wants to send a specific message in English, for example, a setup instruction, they can enable the 'Do not translate this reply' toggle in the top right above the reply text box. Now, this specific message won’t be translated into the user’s language.

At any point the agent/customer can see the original message sent by the agent/user. This will be useful for exceptional scenarios if the message translated by Google has some errors or if the literal translation conveys something else other than the intended message.

Important Note

Here’s a list of Freshdesk Messaging instances currently supporting Live Translate.

Messenger (Customer facing)

Live Translate Availability
Mobile version of websitesSupported
Mobile SDK


Facebook MessengerWill be available soon
WhatsApp Will be available soon
Apple Business ChatWill be available soon

Agent (Agent facing)Live Translate Availability

Freshdesk Messaging agent interface (web.freshchat.com)


Team Widget (Freshdesk Messaging team widget inside Freshdesk, Freshsales, SalesForce)


Omnichat - Freshchat’s Chrome extension

Freshdesk Messaging mobile app (Android & iOS)Supported