Personalize your conversations with Placeholders

Improve your customer engagement with personalized conversations using placeholders. 

With placeholders you can use attributes to personalize your conversations,

  • Basic user properties - your customer details (Eg: Customer First Name)

  • Agent properties - your agent details(Eg: Agent Full Name)

  • Custom user properties - custom data you add to Freshchat about your users (Eg: Customer order ID)

In Freshchat, you can use placeholders with Canned response, and Campaigns - Triggered Messages and Targeted Messages 

How to use Placeholders with Canned Responses

Go to Settings > Canned Responses > New Canned Response.

Click { }. You’ll be able to see the list of properties you can use as a placeholder.

For example, a welcome message could look something like this,

Hi {{user.firstName}} ,

My name is {{agent.firstName}}. How can I help you today?

Here {{user.firstName}} is a user property that inserts the user’s first name and {{agent.firstName}} will be replaced with the corresponding agent’s first name in the conversation.

You can also add an alternate text for the placeholder in the popup that appears. In case the user property is not available in Freshchat, the placeholder will be replaced with the alternate text you add.

For example, the alt text for {{user.FirstName}} can be ‘there’, so that the message becomes,

Hi there,

My name is Joan. How can I help you today?

Now when you use this Canned Response in a conversation, the user property and the agent property will be replaced with the respective values, in this case, the user’s first name and the agent’s first name.

How to use placeholders in Campaigns

In Campaigns. you can use placeholders with Triggered Messages and Targeted Messages.

Go to Campaigns > New campaign > Triggered Messages

Click Compose message. You can find the ‘{ }’ placeholder option in the Message box.

Similarly, with Targeted Messages. 

NoteAgent properties is not available in campaigns.

Here’s a list of Placeholders supported in Freshchat

Basic user property

First Name

Last Name

Full Name






Agent Property

First Name

Last Name

Full Name

In addition to these placeholders, there are a few unique set of placeholders that can be used only with Advanced Automations. You can know more about them here.