Trusted IP

With Trusted IP you can be sure that only your trusted network of users will access your Freschat account.

You can secure your Freshchat account even further by allowing a set of IP addresses or IP ranges that you trust. This will restrict your Freshchat account access only to the users or agents whose IP address matches your configuration.

How to Enable Trusted IP

Go to Admin > Trusted IP and switch the toggle to Enabled.

How to allow an IP address

Go to Trusted IPs > Add IP.

You can add a single IP address or a range of IP addresses. You can also view the total number of IP addresses added.

NoteYou can add up to 100 IPs in your Freshchat account

What are Privileged Roles

By default, team members with Admin, Account Admin, and Owner roles in Freshchat will be able to access your Freshchat account even if you haven't added their IP address to the list of trusted IPs.