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Auto-resolve conversations and improve team productivity

To improve your team’s productivity you can auto-resolve (close) conversations with customers who have stopped interacting. You can set the time for auto-resolving conversations. 

This will help your team to better organize their Inbox and focus on conversations that require their attention.

To do this, go to Admin > Auto Resolve

Push the toggle to Enabled. You can do this for all the conversations or conversations assigned to  specific groups.

Set the time limit after which the conversation will be auto-resolved. 

You can also label auto-resolved messages to easily identify them later. Or auto-convert these conversations into Freshdesk tickets.

Now if a customer doesn't reply on a conversation for more than 15 minutes, the conversation will be auto-resolved (closed) and moved to the Resolved view. 

Some important pointers

  • Which will take precedence Auto resolve or Offline Experience?

The Offline Experience kicks in only outside your business hours. Hence, during your business hours, when a user intiates a chat, auto resolve takes precedence and not away experience.

  • How to disable auto resolve for a particular conversation?

Go to the conversation > click on the Resolve button (✔) in the top right corner > Disable auto resolve

  • How to assign different labels for conversations handled by different groups that have auto-resolve enabled?

At the moment we don't have this functionality but it should be available soon.

  • What is the minimum time limit that you need to set to auto-resolve conversations?

You need to set a time limit of minimum of 5 minutes.

  • How does auto-resolve work with IntelliAssign?

In IntelliAssign, you can configure auto-resolve to automatically resolve a conversation when it becomes inactive. You can enable this under IntelliAssign Settings.