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Set your work timings with Business Hours

It is easy to set up your working hours in Freshchat and let your users know your team’s availability and when they can expect a response from your team. When a user initiates a conversation in Freshchat outside your working hours you can send an Away Message letting them know that your team is offline.

As a company, you might have different teams working across regions and across international time zones. In Freshchat you can set up different working hours for your various teams by creating multiple Business Hours and tagging them into Groups.

NoteDefault Business Hour settings are available from Blossom plan while Business Hours for Groups are available only on Estate and Forest plans.

How to set up Business Hours

Go to Admin > Business Hours

You can have either one Default Business hour for all your teams or multiple Business hours for your different teams (Groups). 

Note that there is no option to add Groups in Default Business Hour setting on the left, in the below screen.

You can also set up multiple working hours for each day considering your team’s lunchtime or break hours. The gap between two working hour slots will be considered a break. And the Away message will be sent to any user during these breaks as well as out of office hours.

You can add a new Business Hour by clicking Add Business Hour.

Give your Business Hour a name, pick a time zone, enter your Away Message, and select the groups for which you want this Business Hour to be applicable. Finally, set the time intervals for each day of the week.

Some important pointers

If you are on the Estate plan in Freshchat you can add multiple Business Hours. If you are on the Blossom or Garden plans you can only set up Default Business Hour which will be applicable for all your teams.

  • You can add more than one Group for every Business Hour that you create. But every Group in Freshchat can be associated with only one Business Hour. That is if you have a Group ‘US Customer Support’ and you have mapped it to a Business Hour called ‘US Teams’, you cannot map it to another Business Hour in parallel. On the other hand, you can have another Group "US Delivery Support" which can also be mapped to the same Business Hour.

  • You can configure Triggered Message Campaign to not trigger outside of specific business hours. In Campaign Settings, you can select the ‘Do Not Trigger Outside Business Hour’ checkbox and select a business hour from the drop-down.

  • You can create Assignment Rules based on Default as well as Group Business Hour settings.

  • The Response Expectations that you set in your Account Settings always take precedence over Business Hour settings.