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Email Transcript

What is the Email Transcript app?

Email Transcript is a marketplace app that can be used by agents to send the conversation transcript either to themselves or to the customer via email.

Email Transcript is available in the Freshchat Apps store (Marketplace).

Types of Email Transcripts

There are 2 types of conversation transcripts that you can get

1. Until resolution - the transcript will contain most recent messages until it was last resolved. 

2. Full conversation - the transcript will contain all the messages in the conversation.

Note: The limit to the number of messages sent in a conversation is 200.

You can send the transcript to the customer or to yourself (agent). The transcript sent to the customer will contain only the conversation messages. Whereas, the transcript sent to the agent will contain private notes and system messages as well.

How to install Email Transcript:

To install go to Apps > Bots & Workflows > Email Transcript > Install.

Once Installed, go to Installed Apps, click on the gear icon in the right and select Settings

Pick your timezone

Before you can start using Email Transcript, you need to add the API Token of your Freshchat account. 

How to get API Token

To get the API Token, go to Admin > API Tokens > Generate Token. Once the token is generated, click copy

Then paste it to the App settings. Once you’ve added the API Token, click Verify and then Save. 

The app is now ready to use now.


How to generate transcripts?

Navigate to any conversation in Inbox and then click on the icon at the bottom of the message editor (If the icon doesn’t appear after installing, just reload the page)

This opens the Email Transcript dialog, which shows the details of the customer 

Click “Send Email” along the customer info or the agent info to send to the customer or to yourself respectively. Choose the type of conversation transcript that you want to be generated and sent.

You will receive it in your mail, within the next 5 minutes depending on the number of messages in the conversation.