Analyzing your bot performance is essential to understanding bot behavior. With Freddy Self-Service, you can get insights into your bot’s performance with readily available bot exports.

A quick guide to exporting your bot data:

  • Login to your Freddy Self-Service account as an Admin or Owner 

  • Click on Settings > Export Report

  • From the dropdown, pick the bot and bot version for which you want to export the data

  • You can choose to export four different types of reports:

    • Customer Information and Contextual data

    • Customer Conversations

    • Dialog Count

    • API Count

Read more about what each of these reports means here.

What are the types of Exports available?

You can choose between:

  1. Scheduled export - Get periodic export reports to your email ID based on the chosen frequency

  2. One-time export - Get the export once, immediately

Scheduled Export:

You can schedule your exports so you can analyze your bot performance offline. We support schedule frequencies of 30 minutes, one hour, and one day. For every export, you can access the schedule list upon choosing the bot filter. The schedule list provides the following details:

  • The date on which the schedule was set up

  • Schedule frequency

  • Email ID that created the schedule

  • Data sets available in the export 

You can also delete any of these schedules using the delete button present as a part of the list accordions.

Note: You can create a maximum of up to 5 exports for one bot.

One-time Export:

You can get a one-time export of your bot data for a duration of 24 hours maximum.

You will be able to export reports only to those email addresses that are already added to the account.

  • You can get scheduled or one-time exports to up to five email ids.
  • You can choose the bot for which you need the exports and all data pertaining to that bot (across versions) will be exported.
  • Every export file will have up to 200,000 rows. Please reach out to us at to increase this limit in case of data loss issues.