What is the Unified Bot Builder (UBB)? 

The unified bot builder (UBB) is an updated version of the Freshbots standalone offering. It provides a seamless transition into the conversational experience with easy-to-configure channel integrations and a host of rich media capabilities. 

All future updates on bots will be available on the UBB, like unified widgets, unified analytics for bot-agent conversations, and enhancements to make bot configurations easier.

How to upgrade?

  1. Go to Admin → Billing in your Freshbots standalone account

  2. Click on ‘Upgrade plan’ 

  3. Our support team will be notified of this request and will reach out with questions to ensure that the migration process is seamless

  4. We will carry out the upgrade and keep you informed once the process is complete 

UI changes post-upgrade

  • There will be a ‘Bots’ section in the left navigation bar. You will find all your existing bots on this page.

  • There will be no changes in the way you configure bots and make use of any of the features on the Freshbots standalone account. 

  • We have improved the process of deploying bots on various channels, and you can now deploy bots across multiple channels seamlessly. Refer to this document for detailed deployment steps.

  • To access Analytics, go to Analytics → Bot Analytics.

  • All billing-related details will be available under Admin → Plans and Billing.

1. There is no additional cost associated with upgrading to the UBB.
2. All existing bot configurations will be carried over as is, and there will be no downtime.
3. Raw data exports will only be present as S3 scheduled exports. Refer to this for more details.